What Teachers and Administrators have to say about Dr. Ash and her Workshops
“Your  motivation and expertise are awesome!  After one of our first meetings, when you previewed Holes, I went out and bought 25 copies, did a read-aloud excerpt from READ Magazine and encouraged kids to choose this book for their self-selected read.  Many did.  (I scattered the onions around, brought in the dirty sneaks,  a pig, and a lizard.  It was a major hit!)  I want to inspire my students like you have inspired me.  You are a plethora of knowledge about good, interesting literature and you know how to get it into the heads and hearts of kids.  Thanks!”  —Marilyn Morgan, 8th Grade Teacher
“Another superb workshop!  Friday's presentation  (Guided Reading) was a great follow-up to the In The Muddle workshop earlier. I've incorporated several ideas already and plan to get literature circles up and running by the end of the month.”                                                —Cheryl Coppeler, 9th Grade Teacher
“I really enjoyed your presentation and gained a lot of insight into the needs of middle school readers. I am an elementary teacher and found it refreshing to hear that reading instruction is continuing and still should continue as students move into middle school.”             —Barbara Quincer, 5th Grade Teacher
“Dr. Ash has immediately established herself as someone who has a wealth of experience and is very knowledgeable about the issues facing middle school teachers. While many of our teachers are veterans and somewhat skeptical of the entire process, they were immediately won over by Dr. Ash.  She is able to deliver effective and useful instructional strategies in a non-threatening and user-friendly way.  Both my staff and myself are very pleased with Dr. Ash’s program and are excited about the ensuing possibilities.”                                                      —Jeff Lawson, Middle School Principal